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Educational Visits



At Tidemill, we like to enrich the children's learning with a whole host of educational visits. To make the process easier for parents and the school office, we operate a one-off consent system. As part of the admission process, you will be asked to complete the one-off consent form. You will be notified of trips and visits termly and should contact the school if you do not want your child to take part in any planned visit.


Children MUST wear their uniform on school trips, as they do in school. This is an important safety measure ensuring that children are more easily and quickly identifiable as part of a Tidemill school group.


Detailed Risk Assessments are carried out for all school trips to ensure the children stay safe. One aspect of this includes having appropriate adult to child ratios, therefore on certain occasions we may ask for parents and carers to come along and support classes on trips.


Short Local Trips

Additionally, children are also taken out of school on short local trips to the library, nearby parks or to the market. Please ensure you have completed and returned the short-trip permission to the school office so your child can join in.


Trip Payments

We keep the prices of trips as low as we can. We request a contribution from parents and carers to cover the cost. If there are not enough contributions, we may have to cancel the trip.


School Journey

Both Year 5 and Year 6 go on school journey - Year 5 for three days and Year 6 for five days. As well as having fun, it is an important part of your child’s education as they will experience things that are not possible in an ordinary school day. Children always come back having learnt a lot, particularly about working collaboratively along with developing their own self-management skills.