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SEN & Inclusion

Tidemill Academy is committed to meeting the needs of every pupil. We teach a broad, balanced and enriched curriculum that helps every child reach his or her potential in a healthy, happy and safe environment. Tidemill gained Flagship School status for the Inclusion Quality Mark Award in 2020.  This has been maintained in 2021, 2022 and 2023.

The school’s inclusion practices were described as, ‘outstanding and highly effective’.

A lot of excellent work is being carried out in the area of inclusion. The school gives pupils an excellent education to ensure they have the best possible life chances. Learning attitudes and values, such as curiosity and resilience, are explicitly taught and continually promoted across the curriculum. Through these, pupils foster a positive and resilient approach towards learning and life.”




Teachers at Tidemill are responsible for the progress and development of all pupils in their class. This includes the deployment of Teaching Assistants and specialist staff who support all pupils. The Special Educational Needs

Co-ordinator (SENCo) oversees the whole school provision and monitors the success of specific interventions through rigorous observations and data analysis. Every Teacher at Tidemill is committed to the achievement of every child.




We provide excellent support through quality first teaching – the effective inclusion of all pupils with everyday differentiated teaching that aims to meet the needs of individual pupils. This, alongside ensuring a safe, inclusive, accessible learning environment, is the first step in responding to pupils that may have special educational needs (SEN). Additional interventions, such as Colourful Semantics, dyslexia reading and spelling programs, speech and language therapy groups and sensory circuits are then used to support children who have specific needs.


We believe in fostering and maintaining positive partnerships with parents and carers as we recognise that they play a key role in enabling children with SEND to reach their full potential. All parents and carers at Tidemill are treated as partners and are given support to play an active role in their child’s development and education.


Please see our Special Educational Needs PolicySpecial Educational Needs Information Report 2022/23 for more information.

If you would like to discuss the provision in more detail, please contact the school office to speak to Helen Dosad, our SENCo, or email [email protected]

Inclusion Quality Mark 2023