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Parent Meetings

‘Parental involvement has a significant effect on pupil achievement throughout the years of schooling.'

Key research: DFE Impact of parental involvement


Tidemill staff are very accessible and you will see them regularly in the playground. Parents and carers are encouraged to communicate regularly. We also encourage parents to join with us on occasions such as school productions, class museums, concerts, and sports days. If you need a more formal setting, you are welcome to make an appointment.


Staff meet parents more formally at parents' meetings which are held during the Autumn and Spring terms. At these times, parents and carers are given the opportunity to discuss their child's progress. In July, parents receive their child's annual report and are invited to a Celebration Open Evening.


Inspire Workshops

Termly Inspire workshops provide a special opportunity for pupils to learn alongside their parents. This is a window into the classroom and provides a better understanding of the knowledge and skills being taught. It is also a valuable opportunity for parents to recognise their child’s achievements and the next steps in their learning journey. Parents that get involved greatly increase their child’s learning potential.


We know it is difficult for working parents to take time off work, but the feedback we get from parents who attend these workshops is exceptional and the difference it makes to children's progress cannot be underestimated. We do therefore ask all parents to attend. We will phone your boss if you need us to plead on your behalf!


Although Inspire workshop topics change, below is a typical example.

Parents’ Coffee Morning

Autumn 1

Meet your child’s new teacher and learn about new curriculum opportunities and content, home learning and visits.

English Inspire Workshop

Spring 1

Focus on specific knowledge and skills concerning either reading, writing, grammar or spelling; learn how to make learning fun and participate on a pupil/parent project.

Maths Inspire Workshop

Summer 1

As in Spring 1, this time focussing on mathematics to better develop mathematical fluency and use mathematical reasoning to talk about the world around us.


Stay and Play

Like the Inspire Workshops, Stay and Play sessions allow parents of younger pupils to learn alongside their children. Children who share their learning, play and interact with their parents are better equipped to make friends and learn with their peers. Opportunities for Stay and Play are provided on a fortnightly basis in Nursery and Reception and begin first thing in the morning. They are also provided regularly in Year 1. Check the class noticeboard for the next opportunity to enjoy learning time with your child at school.