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Religious Education


Religious Education (RE) makes an important contribution to the spiritual, moral, cultural and social development of our pupils. This helps pupils to develop a positive attitude towards other people, respecting their right to hold different beliefs from their own, and towards living in a society of many religions and beliefs. RE also allows children to develop life skills such as developing a sense of identity and belonging, acquiring respect for themselves and others and exploring challenging questions about beliefs.



We offer discrete RE lessons to all pupils guided by specific half termly units. In KS2 these lessons are taught by a specialist teacher every other week, often taught through philosophy to encourage deep thinking, discussion and debate. Across the school we provide further opportunities to learn from religious beliefs and practice including PSHE and circle time. Children frequently draw from their religious and cultural knowledge and experiences linking this to other topics explored throughout the year.


In addition to this, RE is taught and promoted through whole school assemblies, celebrations and events. We aim to make wider links throughout the community by visiting local places of religious interest and worship, as well as inviting religious and cultural leaders to speak to us.



At Tidemill Academy, RE is planned and taught with regard to the agreed syllabus for all schools in the borough of Lewisham (from the standing advisory council on Religious Education (SACRE)). In addition to this, Tidemill combines the statutory units from the SACRE with planning which supports the religious diversity of our school and surrounding area. Each half term children focus on a specific unit which allows them to explore the six main religions; Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism. These specific units allow opportunities for further exploration through visitors, trips and events as well as allowing progression of knowledge and skills across the year and their time at Tidemill.