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Tidemill is formed from a rich and diverse community. Our highly engaging curriculum, clear and embedded messaging and positive relationships with parents make us a great school with great attendance.


Every member of staff has a role to play; this is something we achieve and celebrate together.


We believe in the four C's



Building knowledge over time requires plenty of opportunities to reactivate and build upon past learning experiences. Curriculum enrichment including regular visits and performances make learning more memorable and enjoyable. As a result, the vast majority of children love coming to school and wouldn’t miss it for the world.


Even more so in Primary, parents have to support their child’s attendance; they need to want to come to school too! Upskilling and empowering parents through workshops and involving them in wider school life demonstrates their worth. At Tidemill, we ensure our ‘support-offer’ suits parents best and that the time of day, refreshments and creche facilities are all considered. Only when meaningful connections are built can the school challenge poor attendance.


The attendance officer cannot achieve meaningful connections on their own. Instead a shared understanding of the importance of great attendance and everyone’s role within it is required within school. New staff need timely induction and key messages need to be voiced by the right people, in the right way at the right time. A teacher’s description of missed learning, a receptionist telling a parent, ‘we can deal with that,’ and ‘Team around the Family’ meetings that plan and galvanise extra support are all part of our approach.


Clubs (Curriculum enrichment)
Research shows that schools with a great ‘after school club’ offer increase pupil motivation and have higher rates in attendance. At Tidemill, our clubs build on the knowledge and skills acquired in the curriculum. We are passionate about inclusion and work tirelessly to involve all pupils and dispel unfair stereotypes. This means asking pupils what clubs they would like to see and making links with specialists in the community and beyond (even more reason to come to school).


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