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Values & Ethos

At Tidemill Academy, we give pupils an excellent education to ensure they have the best possible life chances. We recognise this means focussing on the whole child to ensure that each and every pupil reaches their potential.


The aims of our schools are to:

  • Equip children with the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to succeed in the 21st century
  • Have high expectations of every child and value them as individuals
  • Utilise creativity to promote life-long learning
  • Celebrate diversity, challenge prejudice and bullying
  • Provide a safe and supportive environment which empowers children to achieve their best
  • Have strong, meaningful links with parents, carers and the local and global community

We recognise the importance of teaching children the values, skills and attitudes that will make them lifelong learners. Along with a set of skills that we believe children need, Tidemill have embedded learning attitudes (or values) throughout our curriculum. These are taught explicitly and are continually promoted across our school community.

To learn more about Tidemill’s skills and attitudes, please click here.