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Tidemill’s History curriculum aims to provide all children with a wide range of historical skills to develop their knowledge and understanding of the past. Across the school, we aim to teach children the changes, diversity and significant figures within the local area, United Kingdom and the wider world. Through a focus on diversity, we aim to inspire our children to have a deeper sense of themselves and respect and appreciation for others. Within History lessons, we aim to inspire the children’s natural curiosity and provide them with regular opportunities to ask questions, think critically and make their own interpretations, by linking learning to our Tidemill skills and attitudes.



At Tidemill, children are given regular opportunities to develop their knowledge and understanding of historical events and concepts linked to the topic they are learning. History topics begin with an immersive entry point in which children have the opportunity to be introduced to the topic through a ‘big question’.  A summary of the learning within the topic is celebrated at the end of the topic through a carefully planned and engaging exit point. Within each topic, there is a focus on local, national and global history which reflects the diversity of our children at Tidemill. In KS1 and KS2, History is planned and taught using objectives from the National Curriculum. Across the school, lessons are planned to be interactive and engaging, ensuring children develop their knowledge and understanding progressively and sequentially, building upon this and making connections as they move throughout the school.  Topics are mapped out carefully so that children develop their knowledge and understanding progressively as they move through the school with a focus on local, national and international history. To enrich the History curriculum further, links are created with the local community and a range of trips and experiences are planned to strengthen children’s historical knowledge and understanding. In addition, History is taught and promoted further in Black History Month, which includes whole school showcase assemblies and events which reflect the cultural heritage of many of our Tidemill children and families.


In EYFS, children are given opportunities to develop their understanding of the world, talking about past and present events in their own lives and in the lives of family members. At Tidemill, a range of historical time periods are studied, including Mayans, Egyptians and Vikings, and children are given regular opportunities to make connections between civilisations. With a focus on chronology and vocabulary, children at Tidemill are taught to use a range of words and phrases linked to the passing of time. To deepen their understanding, regular cross-curricular links are made, and children are able to evidence their knowledge and develop their understanding of historical vocabulary through extended writing opportunities. A range of historical sources are used to encourage children to understand how interpretations of the past have been made.  Formative and summative assessment ensures all children make strong progress across the school and that children are challenged appropriately.