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At Tidemill we have developed a bespoke curriculum that aims to create learners who will succeed in the 21st century. Our curriculum adheres to our strong set of school aims. Using chosen aspects of the National Curriculum and the International Primary Curriculum, we have established a rich, relevant and purposeful educational experience that allows us to develop the whole child and meet the needs and interests of individual pupils. Our curriculum provides learning that has local, national and international dimensions.

The curriculum at Tidemill Academy intends for children to build on their learning, progressively acquiring the knowledge and skills needed for the next stage in their education. This means ensuring children are confident in reading, writing and maths, which supports them in fully accessing the broad curriculum and enrichment opportunities available. Pupils are given opportunities to rehearse and embed these skills daily. They are challenged not only to develop their understanding, but to master and articulate it. As a result, our pupils are successful, self-motivated, independent learners who love to learn.


                                                                                                                                                                                Tidemill develops skills and attitudes that help children become life-long learners and succeed in their future. These are embedded in our curriculum and celebrated in all classes and in our wider community. 








Each half term, children are immersed in an engaging topic. Throughout our curriculum we also provide:

  • cross-curricular links where they are meaningful
  • resources that are inspiring and motivating and ensure that all pupils learn and progress
  • relevant and rich first hand experiences including visits and visitors
  • an appropriate level of challenge for pupils, no matter what their starting point
  • opportunities for deep thinking and debate
  • regular opportunities for parents to be involved in their child’s learning 
  • spiritual, moral, social and cultural development through the curriculum


If you would like more information about Tidemill’s curriculum, please speak to your child’s class teacher or ask to speak to our curriculum lead.

Topic Overview

Still Curious?


As well as considering our curriculum as a whole, Tidemill staff, led by subject leaders, carefully consider each subject to ensure our curriculum meets the needs of our pupils. We consider:

Intent: why we teach a subject and how this will impact on the current and future lives of pupils.

Implementation: how we teach the subject, including specific knowledge and skills, to ensure that it is motivating, engaging and accessible for all.


Read more about each subject below: