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Parent Support

Tidemill’s parent services are carefully matched to the needs of our community.


At Tidemill we feel that a strong link between home and school is critical to a child’s education. Parent/carer involvement in school, their own education, happiness and well-being all contribute to how well a pupil does at school. We recognise that this means working closely with parents and carers in a variety of ways such as providing families with additional experiences, access to a range of professionals to develop their own skills and knowledge and access to additional services. We are responsive to pupil and parent needs and adapt our services accordingly.


Like our pupils, parents and carers can approach staff for guidance and support. 


Family Liaison Officer

Tidemill is fortunate to have a fantastic Family Liaison Officer (FLO), Miss Jacqui who is able to run informal consultations with parents and can signpost families to school services and external agencies that best meet their needs. Miss Jacqui organises many of our parent programmes – leading some of them herself, for example, Behaviour in the Early Years. Here, parents are taught positive strategies that tackle unwanted behaviours when they arise and help parents to establish clear boundaries and routines. Parents regularly comment on the benefit of being able to share their experiences with each other. This programme has been repeated regularly due to demand.


Professional Workshops

Teachers lead termly Inspire workshops which provide parents with a special opportunity to learn alongside their child. This is a window into the classroom and provides a better understanding of the knowledge and skills being taught. We ask that all parents attend these workshops.


Alongside Inspire workshops, Tidemill also runs sessions to meet specific needs. These are led by Tidemill staff or external professionals and may include:

· Helping Your Child To...Read, Use Phonics, Develop Maths

· Developing Your Child’s Vocabulary led by a Speech & Language therapist

· Growing Against Violence led by an external organisation for parents with older children to protect pupils from gangs

· Supporting Children With Autism

· How To Help Your Child Stay Safe Online


Programme of Enrichment

We also provide opportunities for parents to develop new skills that enrich their lives and the lives of their children. Once again, these change over time but examples include: English classes for parents wishing to improve their language skills, ‘Cooking on a Budget’ workshops which teach parents to eat healthily for less and even a school choir which gives parents another outlet to express themselves.  Most of all, our carefully designed parent programmes create a sense of belonging within a wider school community.