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Across different areas of the curriculum, our children have many opportunities to develop their leadership skills. Some children like to take this one step further and take on leadership roles outside of their classrooms. This is an opportunity to demonstrate Tidemill’s attitudes of a learner, influence practice within Tidemill and be an excellent role model for the rest of the school. Our leaders ensure Tidemill continues being a great place to learn.


School Council

At Tidemill, we have a group of children from across Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 who form our school council. Each year, two children from every year group are elected by their peers to represent and be the voice of their class. Following this, the council will meet weekly to discuss and plan matters of interest in a meaningful way in which pupils can voice their opinions and have their views taken into account in decisions which impact them and their peers. Through the school council, we feel this is an important and useful way for us to provide leadership and development opportunities for our pupils.


Pupil Advocates

In Year 6, children have an exciting opportunity to apply to become Pupil Advocates. To be elected, there is a rigorous application and interview process. If successful, they are given many positions of responsibility across the school and are even rewarded with a black smart blazer and purple badge! One of the most popular roles is school tour guide where the pupils use their communication skills to show off our amazing school. Other positions include office assistants, play leaders and many more. It is a fantastic opportunity for our Year 6 pupils to shine and prepares them for their secondary school transition.



Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders are a team of Key Stage 2 pupils who are passionate about Computing. They meet regularly with the Computing Subject Leader to discuss and plan ways to improve the e-safety of Tidemill pupils. They help promote Computing in school by running assemblies, teaching younger children, implementing e-safety scenarios, reviewing technologies and encouraging others to use ICT safely and effectively.

Sports Leaders                                                                   

At Tidemill, all pupils in Key Stage 2 are invited to apply to be a Sports Leader. From these applications, Sports Leaders are chosen from each year group to work alongside the PE Subject Lead. Sports Leaders support and promote PE around the school and represent the interests of pupils in their year. They attend regular meetings and training which enable them to contribute to the planning and management of lessons, including competitions and events in sport. Their role also enables them to attend inter-school competitions as reporters and photographers, and allows them to assist with the planning and running of half-termly intra-school tournaments. In addition to this, they assist in EYFS and Key Stage 1 lessons, and are valued contributors to whole school sporting events during the school year, including Healthy Schools Week and Sports Day. 



Language Leaders

At Tidemill, Key Stage 2 children learn Spanish and love having this opportunity to learn a new language and explore the culture of Spanish speaking countries around the world. As part of their language learning, children have the opportunity to apply to become a Spanish Leader. If awarded the position, the children help the language teacher to raise the profile of Spanish across the school. This includes language learning activities at playtime, supporting with special events and teaching rhymes and songs to the younger children. Language leaders can be identified by their Spanish Leader badges and their love of learning languages!

Art Leaders

At Tidemill, all students in KS2 and KS1 are invited to apply to be an art leader. From these applications, two art leaders are chosen from each year group to collaborate with the artist in residence and the art subject lead. The art leaders will support and promote art around the school, sharing artists of the term with each class. Their role will also consist of generating new creative ideas and opportunities for children across the school. In addition to this, they will take part in regular meetings to practise their creativity and share their enthusiasm for Art.


Tidemill is committed to sustainability. We have a dedicated Eco-Committee with members from Reception all the way up the school to Y6. Alongside the school’s Sustainability Leader, our Eco-Committee meet regularly to work on different projects, including the Bumble-Bee Friendly School Award, and the Royal Historic Palaces’ Superbloom Project. All of which, will support us working towards our Green Eco-Schools Flag.

Each term, the Eco-committee members write articles for our school newsletter with updates on what they have been working hard to achieve. By giving young people a voice and educating them about sustainability, we aim to build their communication, teamwork and critical thinking skills, which will ultimately empower them to make informed choices to shape a more sustainable future.