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Term Dates

Tidemill takes a tough stance on both attendance and punctuality and firmly believe that every minute or day lost is time that cannot be made up. We are thrilled that our parents support us by making sure their children are in school unless they are really feeling unwell. We do not authorise any holidays during term-time so please make sure you have checked the term dates thoroughly when booking holidays.  If there is an exceptional circumstance that requires you taking your child out of school in term time, please ask at the office for a request form. Please note that these are very rarely authorised.

2018/2019 Term Dates


Autumn Term 2018

Mon 3rd September - Tues 4th September - staff CPD days (2)
5th September – 19th October Autumn 1
22nd October – 26th October Half term
29th October – 21st December Autumn 2
24th  December – 7th January Christmas holidays


Spring Term 2019

8th January – staff CPD day (1)
9th January – 15th February Spring 1
18th February – 22nd February Half term
25th February – 5th April Spring 2
8th April – 22nd April Easter holidays


Summer Term 2019

23rd April – staff CPD day (1)
24th April –24th May Summer 1
6th May – Bank holiday                                                                                              

27th May – 31st May Half term
3rd June – staff CPD day (1)
4th June – 23rd July Summer 2


Public Holidays

Christmas Day – Tuesday 25th December 2018
Boxing Day – Wednesday 26th December 2018
New Year – Tuesday 1st January 2019
Good Friday – Friday 19th April 2019
Easter Monday – Monday 22nd April 2019
May Day Bank Holiday – Monday 6th May 2019
Spring Bank Holiday – Monday 27th May 2019
Summer Bank Holiday – Monday 26th August 2019

2019/2020 Term Dates


Autumn Term 2019

Monday 2nd - Tues 3rd September - staff CPD days (2)
4th September – 18th October Autumn 1
21st October – 25th October Half term
28th October – 19th December Autumn 2
20th December – 3rd January Christmas holidays


Spring Term 2020

6th January – staff CPD day (1)
7th January – 14th February Spring 1
17th February – 21st February Half term
24th February – 3rd April Spring 2
6th April – 17th April Easter holidays


Summer Term 2020

20th April – staff CPD day (1)
21st April – 22nd May Summer 1
4th May – Bank holiday
25th May – 29th May Half term
1st June – staff CPD day (1)
2nd June – 21st  July Summer 2


Public Holidays

Christmas Day – Wednesday 25th December 2019
Boxing Day – Thursday 26th December 2019
New Year – Wednesday 1st January 2020
Good Friday – Friday 10th April 2020
Easter Monday – Monday 13th April 2020
May Day Bank Holiday – Friday 8th May 2020
Spring Bank Holiday – Monday 25th May 2020
Summer Bank Holiday – Monday 31st August 2020