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International Primary Curriculum


Our intention at Tidemill is to deliver a curriculum that will create internationally minded learners who will succeed in the 21st century. The IPC provides a cross-curricular teaching structure designed to engage children of all abilities.  It provides a framework for broadening pupil’s knowledge in a range of subject areas. We have successfully integrated the IPC with the National Curriculum to ensure our pupils meet statutory requirements in a creative and stimulating way. 

In a rapidly changing world the need for transferable skills and a deep understanding of human qualities is becoming increasingly apparent. Therefore, we have also embedded our ‘skills and attitudes’ into each topic.



We provide children with a curriculum that will engage their interest and excite their imaginations whilst progressively developing their knowledge, skills and attitudes. When planning for the IPC, teachers adapt the units of work to create half-termly topics that are more relevant to our pupil’s everyday lives and cater to their specific interests. Topics are largely based around a focus subject with a ‘big question’ that children base their learning around. At Tidemill, this is usually geography, history or design technology. Each topic starts with an ‘entry point’ that is designed to capture children’s imagination about the learning ahead. Regular trips, immersive topic days, visits from experts and people in the local community further enhance the learning experience and enable our pupils to develop cultural capital. Specialist Art, Music and PE teachers are employed at Tidemill to ensure the highest quality teaching is taking place across the curriculum. Where relevant, these teachers plan lessons and projects that are linked closely to the current topic in order to build upon and transfer pupil knowledge, skills and attitudes. Making meaningful links to English and providing regular writing opportunities through the IPC ensures that children’s reading and writing skills are continually developed throughout the school day. Each topic culminates in an ‘exit’ activity which provides children with a chance to celebrate and reflect on the learning that has taken place.


On our ‘Curriculum KS1 & KS2’ page, you will find a table of our IPC topics set out by year group and term. Please see the long term plan for each year level for the ‘big question’.