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Further information about our caterer - Radish (including menus & allergen details)

We offer home-cooked food, freshly prepared on site, using fresh ingredients wherever feasible and encourage children to reach their 5 a day by serving a choice of cooked vegetables and offering a salad bar and fresh fruit each day. We serve minimal amounts of fried or highly processed foods and the weekly menus are developed to use minimal salt and sugar, substituting with fruit wherever possible for a natural source of sugar. Whether it is meat, fish or vegetables, Radish buys from sustainably managed sources only and use Red Tractor produce which guarantees traceability to the farm, minimum environmental impact and good standards of animal welfare. Our fishmongers provide us with fish sourced from sustainable stocks and traceable sources.


We are proud that our exceptional food and service as well as our ethical approach has been recognised within the catering industry and beyond:

✓ Food for Life

✓ Red Tractor Farm Assured Food Standards Scheme

✓ MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) fish or fish with a Marine Conservation Society Rating of 1-3

✓ Sustainable Fish City

✓ Fair Trade/Rainforest Alliance


We source from local suppliers that are never more than 35 miles away and create menus that are pleasurable and are a healthy part of daily life. We actively work with suppliers whose values reflect our own, not simply for ethical reasons, but because it’s a sensible approach to sourcing honest local produce at the best price.